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RS232-controlled general purpose interface with built in A/D, EEPROM, temperature sensor and I2C extension bus

Relay Driver Extender Board

RS232/I2C converter

I2C RF Relay Controller 


A number of board-level products which have evolved from our cable test and RF switching experience. These products were developed to simplify the design and construction of computer-controlled systems. Simple text commands from e.g. a PC control the system via an RS232 serial cable. We can provide customised code for customer's individual requirements.

Modest quantities available ex stock. We accept payment by credit card, money transfer or cheque. For volume orders and credit accounts, please consult us.

RS232-controlled interface $249
Three 8-bit I/O ports (Z86E43), 12-bit A/D (ADG7893), temperature sensor, 4K EEPROM, I2C extender bus all controlled using simple text commands via RS232 cable. EEPROM is available for data logging and other user-defined functions. Positions on board allocated for optional solenoid drivers. IES can provided customised code to individual customer requirements.

Relay Driver Extender Board $99
Provides solenoid driver outputs controlled by above interface board.

RS232/I2C Converter $199
An extremely useful way of controlling and monitoring I2C systems under the control of an RS232 connection. The converter can act as an I2C single master or I2C slave. On the board-only version an 8-bit I/O port is also included (each bit can be individually configured as input or output). Click here to download data sheet (.pdf format).

I2C RF Relay Controller $99
Developed to facilitate rapid creation of RF switching systems using Radiall 8-way co-axial relays. The controller is in the form of a board which plugs directly onto the RF relay. A complete system of relays can be controlled via one ribbon cable.